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Care Network

Prayer Requests:

We believe in the power of prayer! Our prayer team is made up of volunteers who have a heart for prayer and a passion to intercede for others. Call church receptionist at +254 (0) 727 593 663 during office hours or attend our Tuesday evening service and give us your prayer request in person.

Hospital Visits:

Please don’t hesitate to request a visit. We’re available! We consider hospital visits a great way to minister to the Crossroads family and their loved ones. Whether it’s celebrating a new baby or facing life or death situations, we want to be available to our extended family. If you, a family member or a close friend are going to be in the hospital and would like a visit contact Queen Mwaluma at +254 (0) 735 159 845

Shut-Ins Visits:

Are you or do you know of a shut-in who would like someone to chat with or heat up a bowl of soup for or read a book to? If so, we’d like to help. Contact the church office at +254 (0) 727 593 663 to arrange a visitation.

Funerals/Memorial Services:

The pastoral staff will meet with you and your family to help you through this difficult time and help you navigate through all the details associated with the death of a loved one. That includes, grief counseling, providing our facility and officiating funeral services. Along with our pastoral staff, we have a team of volunteers to serve you by assisting with the details of coordinating a funeral and memorial service.
For more information contact Pastor Duncan Malalo at +254 (0) 727 593 663.

Prison Outreach:

We have opportunities to minister to locally housed adult prisoners through our missions program.
Through the Prison ministry we demonstrate God’s love to prisoners. What we do for them today could make all the difference when they are released. To volunteer to help, call church office at +254 (0) 727 593 663 and we will put you in touch with our prison missionary, Jonathon Kalama.


Engaged? A congratulation message is probably in order to you or someone close to you. Engagements and weddings are very exciting, and at Crossroads we want to celebrate with you. We want to help prepare you for a lifelong marriage. For more information on pre-marital counseling or use of the Crossroads facility, contact Pastor Duncan Malalo at +254 (0) 727 593 663 or the church office.