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Disappointed Jesus

Did you that Jesus knows the pain of disappointment?  There are three things that disappointed Jesus during the Passion Week (Mark 11:1-25).

The first one was the crowd that gathered along the streets of Jerusalem to welcome Him on Palm Sunday. The people shouted “Hosanna” and praised Jesus as He rode on a donkey into the city. But these are the same people who few days later cried out saying “Away with Him! Crucify Him!” What I believe disappointed Jesus was knowing that the praise on Palm Sunday was not genuine. It did not come from their hearts because, had it come from their hearts, they would not have disowned Him in just a few days. Jesus expected genuine worship from the heart; they gave Him a superficial one. How disappointing it must have been!


The second disappointment happened in the Temple. When Jesus arrived at Jerusalem Temple the following day, He found people doing business in the temple.  People were selling animals and exchanging money.  Instead of using the temple as a place for praying and seeking God, these people had turned it into a “den of robbers”. This means that they were not only doing business in the temple, they were also sinning in the temple by conning people on the rates of money exchange, exorbitant pricing of the things they were selling, etc. The people doing business in the temple were doing it to help those Jews who had come from far and needed animals to sacrifice during the Passover Feast. They were doing a good thing, but in the wrong place and in the wrong way.  Jesus expected to find prayer in the temple; He found business and sin.  How disappointing!

The third disappointment happened the next day.  Mark 11:20-25 tells us that as Jesus was walking to Jerusalem that morning He was hungry, and, seeing a fig tree He went to it expecting to find some fruit to eat. Unfortunately, there was no fruit. Mark tells us that Jesus found leaves only. Why was there no fruit on the fig tree? “Because it was not the season for figs (Mark 11:13b).  Jesus was definitely disappointed not to get some fruit from the tree because He was hungry.

How about your life? Is Jesus finding what He expects to find in your life? Or is He being disappointed because He does not find what He expects? When Jesus looks at our lives, He expects to find wholehearted devotion, complete obedience, and total surrender. Is that what He finds when He looks at your life?


As we prepare to celebrate this year’s Easter, let’s not disappoint Jesus.  He gave His very best for us, His very life; He deserves nothing but our very best.  In fact, He deserves our all because He gave His all.