Crossroads Fellowship - Your Connection Point


At Crossroads Fellowship, our mission statement is simple: We exist to make passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. In other words, we help people to become true Christ followers. Thats what we do. We have lots of programs and activities that all go into making people passionate in their desire to follow Jesus.

“Follow” is a book with 4 basic lessons that are all about how this journey looks like in real life in the context of our church. Its been put together by our team of pastors at CF over a period of 15 years. Pastor Gideon Banda, Pastor Duncan Malalo, Pastor Gedion Kadu and myself have all had a hand in getting this into print. We have been teaching these truths here for a while now and have finally refined them into this book ready for study within groups or as individuals.

Whether you are a new believer, an old believer, or if you are curious if this church is the right one for you, this book will guide you on how to be your best self for Jesus Christ. Read it. Study it. Listen to your group leader about what it says. Meditate on it. And then obey it. What you’ll find here is everything you need to become passionate about following Jesus!

You may discover through these studies that you still have a decision or two to make. You may discover that you need to be baptized or that you need to join a Life Group or that you need to sit down with your spouse and children and start reading the Bible and praying together more. You may discover that God made you to be something more than you ever dreamed. He has gifted you in ways you didn’t know. Get ready for something here that is going to change your life. If you are sincere about wanting to know how to follow Jesus as His disciple, then this book is going to be of great help to you.

Pastor Jim Horne
Lead Pastor