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Hannah, The Mother Who Prayed

We were blessed to have a very wonderful service last Sunday. It was Mothers Day and we celebrated mothers in a435e9d4f-d497-4e77-9c99-7115297f33a5 special way. God has blessed CF family with very wonderful mothers and we are so thankful for each of them.

Pastor Jim preached a great message on motherhood, and though his sermon was about a mother (Hannah – 1 Samuel 1 & 2) to mothers, it applied to all who were present. Hannah, the mother of Samuel, a great Old Testament prophet, is a good example not just to mothers but to all serious followers of Christ. Her story inspires hope in God, patience, trust in God, and of course, it also reminds us of the power of prayer. She is a reminder that prayer works because God answers prayer.

One of the key takeaways for me from that sermon on Mothers Day – even though I am not a mother – was this: the most important relationship in a family in raising godly children is the relationship between the mother and the father! With God’s help I would like to do all I can to help my wife be a godly mother to our children by having a great relationship with her. I hope you fathers out there will join me and do this in your families.

And you ladies and mothers: Hannah was a woman with a good and a godly heart before God. And God blessed her. You too will be blessed if you walk faithfully and wholeheartedly with Him.

Point To Ponder:

“Most of your training is not to catch your children doing what is wrong, but trying to encourage them in doing what’s right.” Dr. Merritt

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