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Jesus’ friend

I think we had a great Friend Sunday last week, with over 50 guests! Our guest speaker for that day, Rev Kibii Maiyo, spoke on Jesus being our Friend. What an encouragement to know that Jesus is our Friend. And He is not your normal friend; Jesus is a faithful Friend; He is a compassionate Friend; He is a wise and all-powerful Friend! He is the Friend who sticks even closer to us than our own brothers and sisters.  He is a Friend indeed because He is a Friend in need.

As I reflected further on Jesus being our Friend, I was reminded of my own children. Whenever one of them is not happy with the other (or with me) – because maybe they didn’t get what they wanted or have been offended – they will say, “I’m not your friend.” Or sometimes they will say, “You’re not my friend.”  Well Jesus will never says He is not our Friend. But I think He sometimes says, “You are not my friend.” Listen to His words in John 15:14 “You are my friends if you do what I command you.” (ESV)   In other words, we are His friends if we obey Him. That is how we prove our friendship to Him. Though He is – and will always be – our Friend, we are not always His friends.  You see, it’s not enough just to say that He is my Friend. It’s not enough to say that I am His friend; I have to show that I am truly His friend by obeying what I know He has commanded me.

Jesus is your Friend. Are you His friend? To put it in another way, are you obeying what He has commanded you? If yes, then you are His friend. But if no, then you are not His friend, and I believe this breaks His heart because it’s tantamount to betrayal.

Be Jesus’ friend today. He is your Friend and desires for you to be His friend.  He lived and died to make that possible.  Being Jesus’ friend is the only effective way to attract others to Him and impact the world around you.

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