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Missions Month

This past week, I re-learned two very important truths about missions. The first one is this: I cannot take people6fe4524c-f096-4863-8ccc-11c9aa59f42b where they need to go until I meet them where they are. So, if I want to reach out to them and take them to Jesus, I must do what Jesus did: I must go to where they are and connect with them in a meaningful way, so that through that connection I can help them connect with Jesus and be saved. But for me to connect with them I must first of all care for them. Because Jesus cared for us, He took the initiative and came to the earth and connected with us. He did not wait for people to go to Him; He came to us. Because He wanted us to be with Him eternally, He came to where we were and lived among us and later died for us to make an eternal relationship with Him possible.

The second truth I re-learned is this: an encounter with Jesus changes everything. There is no way I will have an encounter with Jesus and remain the same. This I learned from Pastor Gideon’s message on Sunday about the Samaritan woman in John 4. Her encounter with Jesus changed her and caused her to want to share her experience with others. The same thing will happen to us when we encounter Jesus. Our lives will be changed and we will be eager to take Jesus everywhere we go and share Him with those we come into contact with.

Have you encountered Jesus?
What are you doing to help the unbelievers in your
life connect with Jesus?
Do you care for them enough to connect with them and commit to them as Jesus cared for you and committed Himself to you to the point of dying for you a very shameful death?

We have all been called to reach out to unbelievers. This world needs Jesus (I don’t think I need to prove that). He is the answer to the problems of poverty, corruption, terrorism, etc. that our world is facing. If we will be effective in reaching out to unbelievers like Jesus was, we must connect with unbelievers, care for them and commit to our lives to helping them connect with Jesus.


  • KOT trip to Good News Children’s Home – this Saturday, 23 July
  • Iron Men Car Wash – This Saturday, 23 July from 6:30am
  • Ladies outreach to CF of Malanga – Saturday, 23/7/2016
  • Clean up – 30/7/2016
  • Medical Camp – 30/7/2016

Point To Ponder:

When we see people the way Jesus sees people, we will care for people the way Jesus cares for people; and when we care for people the way Jesus cares for people, we will do for them what Jesus has done for us.

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