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National Day of Prayer Guide

President Uhuru Kenyatta has declared Saturday March 21, 2020 to be a National Day of Prayer.  We are thankful that our president is calling on the nation to pray.  To whom else may we go but to the Lord in such a time as this? 


I would advise that families meet for prayers over these days and pray for the following 2 major issues, in addition to your own.  But as a nation, we have the following:


Two Major Issues Facing Kenya as Emergency


  1. Covid 19 Pandemic

By now, almost every person on the planet is aware that we are in a battle or war of sorts with this virus.  Every country in the world has infected people including Kenya.  At the moment we have 7 confirmed cases.  Sadly, more could possibly be infected and most likely, there will be more confirmed cases as time goes on.


The Kenya Government is to be commended for instituting measures that will prevent the spread of this virus.  It may seem unreasonable to many, but this has been studied and the findings indicate that in order to defeat this virus in the short term we must prevent it from spreading and so we are now practicing a new art form called “Social Distancing”, which simply means that we are avoiding contact with others and therefore limiting the size of groupings for the immediate future.


Therefore we call on all believers in Jesus Christ, to do their duty to pray for the nation.  Pray like never before because our futures depend on it.  Right now we cannot shake hands.  We cannot hug.  We cannot get close to each other due to this virus.  But this will be defeated.  We will win out over this.  This hasn’t killed anyone in Kenya so we must pray.


  1. Locust Swarms

The desert locusts that have invaded Kenyan farms for the past two or three months are now a cause for renewed worry as new swarms begin to hatch.


In what is emerging as a new cycle of infestation, experts say significant numbers of hatchlings have been spotted along migratory paths that had already suffered a first round of incursion.


The eggs are expected to continue hatching up to April as forecast by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, giving way to a second round of invasion.  Billions of locusts entered Kenya in the north and central areas of the country.  They have torn through pasture lands and threaten the upcoming harvests.


So Kenyans have lots to pray about! 


Prayer Guide


Please read Psalm 91and keep it in mind as you pray


Covid 19


  1. Pray for the safety of yourself and your loved ones from this virus.
  2. Pray for the protection of your community – that they will be sensitive to the guidelines put down by the government about keeping clean and sanitizing and staying home unless it is necessary to travel about.
  3. Pray for the church and God’s people to be protected…pray for them by name ……and the leaders of the church…wisdom during this time
  4. Pray for national leaders to make wise decisions concerning Covid 19
  5. Pray for doctors and researchers all over the world to find a vaccine
  6. Pray for the economic fallout from this virus…..names of people severely affected; those losing jobs because of this; etc.
  7. Pray for those suffering from this virus ….healing – complete recovery.
  8. Thank God for His grace that meets us all at our point of need
  9. Pray that this pandemic may wake up some who are spiritually asleep
  10. Pray for a soon end to all of this


And for anything else God brings into your mind and heart.


Locust Swarms


  1. Thanksgiving for our farmers in the country and their protection
  2. Pray that God would turn the swarm back into a desert where they can’t hurt anything.
  3. Pray for successful crop harvest despite this swarm of locusts


And for anything else God brings into your mind and heart.