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Ponder Anew by Mercy Moige Mecha

Ponder Anew 

Ponder anew what the Almighty can do if His love befriend thee ( Hymn 710)

Have you ever stopped to ponder about what God can do if His love befriend thee?  For to truly appreciate what God can do, we must stop and ” see the flowers and smell the coffee”. One way we can ponder anew is by looking at people whom God befriended and what the result was.

The first people to experience the friendship of God were of course Adam and Eve. God always met with them and communed with him in the garden of Eden. This friendship was severed when Adam and Eve chose to listen to the devil and eat the forbidden fruit. Their sin made them hide from God. However God did not give up on the friendship but called out Adam from his hiding place among the bushes. This call was an act of friendship; only a loving friend can dare  to call us out of our sin. Of course he chastised them for their sin, but God showed them friendship by clothing them appropriately and promising them redemption through the seed of a woman. Every act of God towards our first parents was done in love. Where they should have perished, God’s love befriended them.

Abraham was the other man whom God befriended in a mighty way. He did this to portray to us the concept of justification by faith alone- God called Abraham and he believed and was considered righteous. God showed his love to Abraham by giving him the name Abraham ( father of nations) and blessing him greatly( through you nations will be blessed). Above all else ,Abraham’s seed would bless all the nation’s. We have received this Abrahamic blessing through Jesus Christ. In Christ we are blessed beyond the curse and have the mandate to continue blessing the nations through the preaching of the gospel.

Also,God’s love befriended Israel in spite being stubborn and stiff necked, and testing God in many ways. It was because of his love that he chose Israel; an agent to portray to us His lovingkindness. He rescued them from slavery with a mighty arm and with many miraculous signs and was long suffering towards them even in their times of disobedience. He chastised them as a father would a son but above all He fulfilled all the promises He had made to their forefathers regarding the promised land ( Joshua 21:45). Even today God continues to be faithful to his promises to Israel, though many do not still acknowledge the Messiah, Christ Jesus. 

Another act of God’s love befriending mankind is the case of David whom He called a man after His own heart. God took him from the sheepfold to the throne. He was not a perfect man deserving of the love of God but a man of flesh like you and I. Although he was prone to wander,  God befriended him. And of course when God’s love befriended him it came with enormous blessings. God promised David that he would make his name great like the greatest men, but above all He promised him an everlasting dynasty. Through the lineage of David was the Messiah to come and Christ has come as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. 

It is very easy to ponder on the life of Bible characters and envy them for how God’s love befriended them whilst forgetting that he has befriended through Christ Jesus.Our friendship has come with many benefits: our sins are forgiven; we have been made into a royal priesthood and holy nation; we have been given access to the throne of grace; we have been made new; we have been set free, to name a few of the benefits of what the friendship of God has accomplished for us. We therefore need to stop and ponder and we will be amazed and thus break out in praise and thanksgiving. 

Ponder Anew what the Almighty can do if His love befriend thee.