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Spiritual Fitness

How fit is your soul? I think the only way to answer this question is to know how to measure spiritual fitness. So how do you measure your spiritual fitness? How does God measure our spiritual fitness? I believe God measures our spiritual fitness not by how much of the Bible we know but by how obedient we are. Obedience is very important because it is what pleases Him. But obedience doesn’t come without a cost. Obedience is costly to us and those around us. Obedience cost Jesus His very life. His crucifixion which was as a result of obeying His Father brought pain not only to Him but also to those around Him. We shouldn’t expect obeying God to be pain-free.

But as the saying goes, “No pain no gain.” For example, for us to gain physical strength and fitness, we have to go through the pain of physical exercises. There is no shortcut to it. The same is true spiritually. Spiritual fitness is impossible without pain. For us to be spiritually fit we will have to pay some very painful costs. Obedience is not convenient

But did you know that disobedience is costly too? When we obey God we will experience some pain. And when we disobey Him we will experience some pain too. But the cost of obedience is nothing compared to cost of disobedience. In other words, disobedience is much more costly to you and me than obedience. Therefore, it is up to us to choose which cost we want to pay: that of obeying God or that of disobeying Him.

So how obedient are you? Remember, God measures your spiritual health and fitness not by how much of His word you know, but by how obedient to Him you are.

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