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Worship Team

Our Purpose

At Crossroads Fellowship we see music as only a part of worship. We worship God when we pray, preach, teach, listen to His word, when we testify of His great works in our lives and when we give. Nevertheless, our music is a significant part of the worship of our church services. The Music Ministry of Crossroads Fellowship seeks to equip, empower and raise up those who have been gifted by God with musical abilities. It exists for three things:

  • God: We seek to glorify God to the fullest and worship Him in spirit and truth.
  • The Church: With the musical abilities God has given us, we seek to build the body of Christ and lead others into God’s magnificent presence.
  • The World: We seek to aid our pastors in presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ here in Kenya and ultimately all over the world. Our desire is to see the praises of our God lifted up throughout all the earth and throughout all generations.

There are two personal benefits we hope worshipers will discover. One is the encouragement to their souls that comes with being in community with others as they sing and pray and respond to God’s Word. The other is the way worship draws us out of our worries and preoccupation with self as it connects us to the God we serve and also trust.

Then till Now

When Crossroads began, the worship team consisted of only four people. Pastor Jim Horne (worship leader) and Susie Horne (keyboards/back-up singer) along with Moses Karisa (guitar/singer) and Simon Soo (drums). In later years we added other musicians: Patrick Mwanzia (bass guitar), Solomon Ogendo (alternate keyboard), Robert Lundi (acoustic guitar), Mwasi and Albert (drums). We are also blessed with several others who are capable of leading worship in our services: Pastors Robert and Gideon and also Moses. We have over twenty singers now that are on a rotation schedule and this gives more people an opportunity to serve through singing.

The current worship band consists of Patrick Mwaigacho aka Part-raw (Worship Leader), Lorraine Atieno (Assistant Worship Leader), Susie Horne (Music Director/keyboard/back-up singer), Moses Karisa (band director/guitar/singer), Patrick Mwanzia (bass guitar), Renson Nathan (acoustic guitar), Simon Soo (drums), Mwambogha Mchili (drums) and Joshua Maitha (auxiliary keyboards).

We sing largely English worship songs and use high energy songs along with some that are more somber. We do also use traditional songs from time to time and then those that are traditional but have a contemporary twist. When we use any Swahili songs we translate the words to English for the benefit of those who do not know Swahili. God is giving the body of Christ many songs these days and we attempt to learn a new song nearly every week. We like to be relatively current and believe we are.