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The Mission Continues for the Sake of the World

Missions month is over but the mission of Christ continues because He is always on His mission, and if we will follow Him we will not help but be on His mission every single day of our lives.

2cfee2dc-80b8-4e0b-b179-32925165bd74We have had a wonderful missions month and I would like to thank you for your cooperation and participation in making the missions month a huge success. It was exciting and encouraging to see many of our church members from every ministry, team and age group actively reaching out to the needy, the sick, the unsaved, and many others. I am sure we all put a smile on Jesus’ face by what we did and I pray that it will not stop with missions month. As we learned last Sunday, God has put each of us where we are for the sake of the world and there is something we can do where we are for the sake of the world. God desires to continue using your life to touch and change the world around you and He will use whatever you give Him from your heart, however little it is, to accomplish His mission, because nothing it too small for Him to use. May our prayer continually be for Him to open our eyes so that we may see people as He sees; to touch our hearts so that we may feel what He feels for people, and to be ready to do for people whatever He wants us to do for people.

Next Tuesday (9 August) we will be starting a sermon series titled Joyful Living. Joyful Living is a study through the book of Philippians in order to discover how we can live joyfully and peacefully in this evil and dark world. I hope you will make an effort to be part of this exciting adventure through Paul’s letter to the Philippians and learn that no matter what happens to you, in you or around you, it is possible to be joyful and peaceful every single day of your life. As a matter of fact, that is God’s desire and will for you and me.


  • Formation Class (a class about habits necessary for spiritual growth) – happening on Saturday, 13 August from 2pm
  • Next Baby Dedication on 14 August, both services

Point To Ponder:

God has given you a specific mission and He is counting on you to fulfill it with the strength He provides.

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