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What is in Your Hands?

“Well done, good and faithful servant!” How would you like for these to be the words Jesus says to you when you get to heaven? Well, He would love to say that to you when you get to see Him some day! That is why He gave you the abilities, talents, and gifts you have. They aren’t yours; you don’t own them. He does! And He gave you what you have so that you can invest and faithfully use what He has given you. Then one day, according to the Bible, we will all stand before Him who owns everything (including our very lives) and give account to Him. “Yes, each of us will give a personal account to God,” says Paul in Romans 14:12, (NLT)


So, what do you have? “What is that in your hands?” was the question God asked Moses when He was about to send Him to deliver the Jews from Egyptian bondage (see Exodus 4:2. You see, what you don’t have is not as crucial and important as what you have. In the final analysis, it is not what you don’t have (or how much you have) that matters; it is what you have and what you do with it that really matters. In fact, at the end of your life, there will only be two important questions to answer: what did you do with Jesus? And, what did you do with what God gave you? The first question will determine where you spend eternity; and the second question will determine how you spend eternity.

So, what are you doing with what you have? How are you using what God has given you? Will Jesus receive you with “Well done good and faithful servant” or will He rebuke you with, “You wicked and lazy servant…?” It’s up to you! Actually this is what our current sermon series on Sundays is about, and Pastor Jim will be preaching part 2 of this series (titled Serve) on Sunday. See you then… with your guest!


  • Because of VBS, which starts this Monday (15 August) through Friday, we will NOT have our midweek services this coming week. Therefore, NO GAP service on Tuesday (16 August) and NO life groups on Thursday (18 August)
  • Are you a ministry/service team leader at Crossroads? Are a volunteer in any ministry/service team at Crossroads? Then we invite you to Tool Shed 2016, a special get-together of all CF staff, ministry leaders, and volunteers which will happen on Saturday, 27 August from 2pm. Please confirm your availability for this via email or phone (0727593663) so that we can prepare well for you.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please be in prayer for VBS happening from 15-19 August 2016. Pray for all the kids and all the volunteers to experience and encounter God during VBS. Pray especially that the unsaved kids will say yes to Jesus.

Point To Ponder:

“It is not how much you have that matters to God, it is what you do with what you have that matters to Him.” Dr. Merritt

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