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Who Are You Wearing?

Who are you wearing?

In Hollywood they ask, “who are you wearing?” which in ‘fashion language’ means who is the designer of the dress/outfit that the celebrity is wearing. It is a critical question because the worth of the dress is determined by its designer.

According to the current top fashion designers include Alexander Mcqueen, Altuzarra, Armani, Calvin Klein, Dior among others.

The profile of the designer feeds into the profile of the celebrity and the reverse is true where a high-profile celebrity wants to market the works of their preferred designer.

Closer, much closer home, we all take time to dress up if not every day but at least when going out of our homes. Sundays are a good time to see folks all decked out in their ‘Sunday-best’, looking dapper and somehow, it makes church ambience really nice and special!

We may not be ‘wearing’ anyone of notable repute but our well-pressed clean clothes and outwards adornments all together present us in different ways towards others. Often the choice of dress may subconsciously inform certain perceptions and also speak more or less about our personalities. However, this remains a debate for Christians, which is not my point here.

Going straight in, my lesson this week has been tagged to Romans 13:14 [NIV]. Paul asks us to “…Clothe ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh”

How can I wear Christ? I wondered when I first read this. Further reading of additional study material and I arrived at my aha-moment which is usually lesson-learned-and-applied.

Just as I put on clothes for protection/covering, beauty or to build an identity so should I deliberately, each morning put on Christ [All that He is-the attributes and character of Christ]. This action done in faith shifts my focus from myself to Christ.

Just as I take time to pick my dress so should I take time to pick a character of Christ that I can magnify that day. As I put on my shoes I want to think about another character of Christ that I should adorn. Bearing in mind that love is the greatest of them all-my personal challenge has been to put on love.

The beautiful part about this is that, in putting on Christ I am identifying with Him! I am proclaiming Him! I am making Him famous! When I get to walk around with Christ as my identity-it overshadows any other fleshly desire that I may have. My desire becomes to identify with Christ in desiring the things that He desires, doing the things that He would do and saying the things He would say.

I can’t overstate how much this truth means for me and I pray you for you to relate as well. It gives me a practical solution to living everyday conscious of who I am in Christ. The temptation to entertain and feed the flesh desires or what I like to call flesh-mode is all too real. Often, I find myself on flesh-mode without remembering how or when the gears shifted! One minute am all consumed in the joy, peace and love of Christ and then a trigger takes me to flesh mode. Speaking of which am compelled to write on some of the triggers to flesh mode-some are funny! But then they are the enemy’s arsenals.

Thus, I urge all of you dear readers to take up the challenge today. Clothe yourself with Jesus Christ and share how different your day(s) will be like.